About beachmap

Beachmap App is an innovative experimental website app that aims to help the way beachgoers explore and discover their favorite coastal destinations. Our mission is to provide a seamless and interactive experience for users by integrating social login features into the platform.

At Beachmap App, we leverage the power of open source tools to develop a robust and user-friendly platform. We primarily rely on popular technologies like Django, Leaflet maps, and SQLite, which enable us to create a seamless and efficient user experience. Additionally, we have integrated Google social login to further enhance the convenience of acessing Beachmap. For our privacy policy and how we use Sign in with Google please visit our privacy policy page.

As an experimental website app, we are constantly exploring new ideas and features to improve the Beachmap experience. It's important to note that some features might still be a work in progress as we fine-tune and optimize their functionality. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this development phase.

Please be aware that our commitment to innovation means that features can be added, modified, or removed without prior notice. This dynamic approach allows us to continually evolve and adapt to the changing needs and preferences of our users. We aim to deliver the best possible user experience, and your feedback and suggestions are invaluable in shaping the future of Beachmap App.

Our beaches are stored in the database based on user browsing of the maps. However, the safety of these beaches for swimming or interacting with wildlife should always be consulted with local authorities. Beachmap App does not guarantee that the beaches displayed are safe or suitable for swimming or any other activities.

Thank you for visiting Beachmap on this exciting journey of discovery and exploration. We hope you enjoy using Beachmap App and that it becomes your go-to companion for all your beach adventures.

This app is built using Django by databasesystems.info